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Hopper Style Bird Feeders

Hopper style bird feeders are more traditional and have a certain charm that many prefer.

Although similar in appearance there are big differences between many brands and models in that they vary in both quality and performance. ALL of our wooden bird feeders are constructed from cedar and almost all are screwed together, not nailed or stapled to provide many years of service! Now with models available made from recycled poly-lumber as well.

Another innovation is the addition of a metal screened floor that allows for superior drainage. Wet soggy seed and wood will rot not only a shorter life but sick birds as well!  Many of our models use this new design.

Woodlink Small Cedar Bird Feeder

This bird feeder can be hung or post mounted and is all cedar and screwed construction. A good value!

Wooden floor.

Holds 1.25 Quarts of seed


Woodlink Medium Cedar Bird Feeder

A very good basic bird feeder similar to the small one but bigger!
Means less often fillings.

Wooden floor.

Holds 3.25 Quarts of seed


Wood Country Bird Feeders

These Cedar bird feeders are the best we can find. They are screwed (not nailed or stapled) using weather-resistant plated deck screws, alminum rust-resistant hinges and heavy-duty acrylic panals. They also have the removable metal seed tray that allows full drainage and easy cleaning as well as built in suet cages. Squirrel proof this bird feeder and you have squirrel proof suet bird feeders as well!

Available in size shown below.

Cedar Hopper Bird Feeder w/ Suet Cages
1.25 Gallon Capacity
(15 3/4"L x 10 1/2"W x 9 3/4"H)


Cedar Hopper Bird Feeder w/ Suet Cages
2.75 Gallon Capacity
(17 3/4"L x 14"W x 12"H)



The recycled series of feeders that we carry are made with poly-lumber that comes from recycled plastic & milk jugs. They will last forever and are much easier to clean than the wooden versions, especially with the suet cages. Hopper style feeders available in 2 sizes below, as well as several open tray feeders.

Recycled Hopper Bird Feeder w/ Suet Cages
1.0 Gallon Capacity

(12 1/2"L x 12 1/2"W x 10"H)


Recycled Hopper Bird Feeder w/ Suet Cages
2.75 Gallon Capacity
(16 1/4"L x 16"W x 12"H)


Super easy to clean:

What makes these better than any others on the market?? Patented Removable Seed Trays make bird feeder cleaning easy and fast. Our seed trays are made out of perforated steel for durability and drainage, powder-coated and formed for seed diverting. All our platforms and seed catchers also contain these removable trays for easy cleaning.


Tray Bird Feeders

Pretty much all bird feeder birds love a tray bird feeder! We stock them in both hanging and post mount models. All feature metal screened bottoms (not really screen but good steel with holes) for superior drainage.

One of the great things abou ta tray bird feeder is that you can put just about any kind of seed in them in addition to seed.... like a cup of grape jelly in summer for the orioles or meal worms for just about anyone for instance!!

Wood Country Hanging Tray Feeder

This hanging tray bird feeder uses the same cedar and screw construction as the hopper feeders. Also has collapsible hanging rods (many have string) which will last forever!

(17" x 14.25")


Wood Country Pole Mounted Tray Feeder

All cedar blah, blah, blah, You get the picture. Same bird feeder as the hanging one but with a cedar support across the bottom for pole mounting.

Screen comes out for easy cleaning!

(17" x 14.25")


Recycled Pole Mounted Tray Feeder

This poly-lumber platform feeder has 2 removable seed trays. It can be mounted on a pole under a hopper feeder or use alone as a feeder. Mounting flange options sold separately here at the store.

(20" x 15")



Recycled Hanging Tray Feeder

One of our most popular tray feeders. The material is similar to what they are making decks out of that will last longer than we will! Not only long lasting but good for the environment too!

(10" x 10")




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