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Suet Feeders and Peanut Feeders

After putting up the first feeder and wanting more, one of the next logical steps is to add suet to the menu. While woodpeckers do sometimes eat seed putting out suet will attract them on a regular basis. It supplies them with the nutrients they need year round. While some people only feed suet in the winter we find that spring/summer is actually more enjoyable when the youngsters start following mom and dad to the feast! Our suets are rendered and will not get rancid even in the warm temperatures.


Log Suet Feeder

Cedar log blends beautifully into any backyard and natural design encourages suet-eating birds that like to feed on trees. Holds four 4-1/2" suet plugs, such as the 2 kinds below, to attract various wild bird species. Eye screw included for hanging. (approx. 3 " dia. x 13" high)


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Peanut Suet Plugs

4 pack of suet plugs for the log suet feeder above.

$4.49 ea.

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Case of 12

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Hot Pepper Suet Plugs

4 pack of hot pepper suet plugs for the log suet feeder above.  Use these if you are hanging the feeder in a spot where the squirrels can get to it!

$4.79 ea.

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Case of 12

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Green Easy Open Suet Cage

This simple cage for suet cakes features an easy open side door and a chain for attaching. It also has the smaller openings that keep large chunks of suet from falling out.

Forest green color.




"Starling Resistant" Suet Feeder

A common complaint from those feeding woodpeckers is that at certain times of the year Starlings clean out the suet in no time. These feeders make the birds hang upside down to get at the suet which is easy for the woodpeckers but harder for starlings.

Most manufacturers of this type of feeder call them "Starling Proof" but we call them Starling Resistant because we know from experience that sometimes a smart starling figures out how to do it! They do however make a night and day difference compared to just a simple cage and will pay for themselves many times over in suet savings!!

They are available in both quality Cedar screwed together construction as well as Recycled Milk Jugs!

The material is similar to what they are making decks out of that will last longer than we will! Not only long lasting but good for the environment too!

Classic Cedar Construction

Holds 2 suet cakes!


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Recycled Milk Jug Version

Holds 2 suet cakes!


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Suet feeder with Tailboard

This feeder provides a tail board that makes it easier for woodpeckers to use than the simple cages. This feeder is also available in both the same cedar and recycled product as above!

Classic Cedar Construction


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Recycled Milk Jug Version


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