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Tops and Bottoms for your Bird Feeders!


Seed Trays & Weather Domes for Tube Feeders Etc

Whether you are trying to keep seed and shells from messing up the area under your feeder or keep the birds and seed in the bird feeder dry, we have what you need.


Bird Feeder Weather Domes

Aspects Tube Top Dome

Featuring a generous 12" diameter, this clear dome offers protection against the elements. The unique feature of the Tube Top is the proximity of the dome to the feeder. Simply place the Tube Top over the bail wire an rest it on the feeder’s cap - no hardware needed! The Tube Top fits all Aspects' 2-3/4" diameter feeders and other brands with similar size tops.

*Does not fit the Aspects Big Tube series feeders


Aspects Super Tube Top

Larger 18" diameter plastic dome to fit the larger Aspects Big Tube series feeders, as well as the standard Quick Clean tube feeders as well.


Call to order!

Aspects Weather Dome

A universal dome, 12" in diameter, that is ideal for keeping rain or snow off of any small or medium size bird feeder. If your feeder can't fit the Tube Top Dome above, this is the dome for you.



Bird Feeder Seed Trays

Aspects Round Seed Tray

8.5" clear plastic seed tray that attaches to all Aspects' 2-3/4" diameter tube feeders using a plastic threaded plug.


Aspects Bigfoot Seed Tray

12" clear plastic seed tray that attaches to all sizes of Aspects tube feeders using a metal threaded plug.


Droll Yankee A6 Seed Tray

7.5" clear plastic seed tray that attaches to all Droll Yankee tube feeders using a plastic threaded plug.


Droll Yankee Omni Seed Tray

10.5" clear plastic seed tray that attaches to all Droll Yankee tube bird feeders using a plastic threaded plug.




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