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Scoops and Brushes for your
Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Bird Seed Scoops

Funnel Bird Seed Scoop

This bird seed scoop has the added feature of becoming a funnel when inverted.

(scoop design may vary from picture)



Cleaning Your Bird Feeder

Once a month let the birds empty the feeder as far as they can. Shake out any remaining seeds and chaff. Wash in a 50/50 solution of hot water and white vinegar. Then using the Bird Feeder Brush listed below, rotate the brush to get in between the ports and perches in the tube. If you want to really get in there and clean each port out try using the HummerPlus Feeder Brush as well! Rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly before refilling. In the summer you may need to clean your feeders more frequently.


Bird Feeder & Bird Bath Brushes

Bird Feeder Brush

18 inches long with 5 inches of soft natural bristles, this brush gets down to clean where you can’t! After using rinse brush thoroughly and let hang to dry. This quality brush will last for years with proper care.

(handle may vary from picture)


Droll Yankee Perfect Little Brushes

These perfect little brushes are the answer to so many cleaning needs, besides being ideal to clean the ports on your hummingbird feeders. Each brush is 3.5" long and there are 3 in a pack.


Bird Bath Brush

Stiffer Bristles and easy grip handle make this brush great for cleaning concrete birdbaths.

9" long w/ 4.5" of bristles

(handle color may vary)




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