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heated bird bath on deck

Bird Baths

Bird Baths provide clean fresh water for birds to both drink and bathe in.  No time is that more exciting than in winter when you may be providing the only open water around!

clamp detail for deck mounted bird bath

Erva BA1G Clamp On Bird Bath

Green 2" steel bath clamps on a deck rail without any tools required. Plastic insert can be taken out to clean and can also be replaced if damaged or lost.

Compatible with any 2in X 4in or 2in X 6in horizontal deck railing.

Size: 14" diameter and 2" deep


Farm Innovators Heated 3-in-1 Bird Bath

Bird bath ring with an insulated dark green plastic dish that is thermostatically controlled and fully sealed. 75W foil heating element with UL approved grounded cordset. Bath can be clamp mounted, screw mounted or placed on ground with included feet.

Dish Size: 13" diameter and 0.75 " deep



EZ-Tilt Heated Bird Bath

Supplies ice-free water all winter long. Power cord clips under bath when heat is not required heating element is completely hidden beneath bird bath surface.

150 watts of power with built-in automatic thermostat.

20" in diameter, with an ideal bathing depth of 2".

Comes with patent pending EZ-Tilt-To-Clean --a two-piece metal mounting hardware that will quickly attach your bird bath to 2"x4" or 2"x6" deck rails or similar surfaces. It makes cleaning or storing your bath a breeze. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bird bath up for cleaning or draining. Or lift straight up to remove the bowl completely.

Call to order!

Bird Bath De-Icer (FI C-50)

We've been carrying this bath de-icer for more than 10 years so we know how good it is and how long it lasts. Comes with a manufacturer's 3 year guarantee.


Water Wiggler (Plastic Cover)

The Water Wiggler performs dual functions. It not only creates constant ripples in the water which in turn attracts more birds but also keeps mosquitoes from laying their eggs in it!

Runs on 2 D Cell batteries (not included) that last for months!
(Our indoor display runs well over a year on a set and it has no off switch!!)


Bird Bath Brush

Stiffer Bristles and easy grip handle make this brush great for cleaning concrete birdbaths.

9" long w/ 4.5" of bristles

(handle color may vary


Songbird Essentials Bird Bath Protector

Prevents stains, organic contaminants and mineral deposits in outdoor bird baths. Keeps water clean and clear naturally. Safe for wildlife and pets that may drink from the BirdBath. 




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